Price List

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Travel expenses may be applied

These prices are for mobile hair & makeup; a discount will be applied for in salon services.

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Up styling $150 per person
Curling with rollers/tongs/irons $120 – $140
Blow dry $80 – $100
Flower girls $40 – $70

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Makeup $100 per person includes individual lashes
Flower girls – free under 12

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Hair/Makeup – $200 (in studio) or $250 with travel within Sydney Metro
Hair $150 (in studio) or $200 to travel within Sydney Metro
Makeup – $100 (in studio) or $150 to travel within Sydney Metro

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Blow-dry and make up: $170 – $190
Curl/iron and make up: $210 – $230
Up style and make up: $250 (padding/hair pieces extra)

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Advanced bookings required.

Please note: a booking fee of $150 is required to secure the date.
This booking fee is non-refundable on cancellations of less than 2 weeks notice.

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